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How often do we need money but don’t have it or don’t have enough? So we call our friend Visa, Mastercard, Citi, Amex, and so on and ask our dear friends to lend us some money. They say, “Of course!” Then in tiny print it they declare the interest rate (Tiny print: 27.99%). Then we go to school, and you know how expensive tuition and books are (cartoon picture of a person giving blood) so we get a school loan. Now we make all these friends and want to to go out, but we need a car so we get an auto loan. You go on a few dates and find “the one” so you get married and then it’s time to buy a house so we get a mortgage loan. After the honey moon comes a baby and when you bring it home you find the bill form the doctor in the mail. Life happens and taxes fall behind and next think you know you’re so over your head in debt you can’t see a way out. Most families never become debt free, which leads to stress, sickness, and a lot of sadness. That’s when they need to get a debt reduction plan!

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