What is Term Life Insurance?

We hear about it, but do we know how it works?  View this video by Your Financial Guy, Jorge Pelayo, to learn not only how it works but if it can benefit your life planning!

Difference Between Term and Permanent Life Insurance

How many types of life insurance policies are there? What is Whole or Universal Life Insurance? Watch this video to see the different policies available to you so you can make an educated decision!

What is ROP Term?

You want to help protect your loved ones from the¬†hardships life may bring when you are there and especially when you are not there. Then maybe ROP Term Life Insurance is right for you. How does ROP Term Insurance help you in that regard. Well, it’s all in the name: Return of Premium. Watch to find out more.

Universal vs Whole Life Policies

Some agents don’t like to go through the details of all the options you may have with your insurance plans. We are Your Financial Guys, however. And that means we are here for you! So what’s the difference between Universal and Whole Insurance? Watch to find out!

What Happens When Pulling Money Out of a Permanent Policy?

You are making payments into this policy. Where does that money go? What part of it can you use later on? What happens when you elect to use it? How can you use it? Watch this video to answer these questions!

Get the Basics on Indexed Annuities

An annuity is a contract sold by an insurance company that is traditionally intended to provide a guaranteed sequence of payments, at an established size and frequency, to the holder. This often takes place during retirement years. Annuties are more recently used as a vehicle to accumulate funds free of income and capital gains taxes (only during the accumulation phase) and take lump-sum withdrawals instead of the guaranteed distribution of income in fixed payments over time.

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